• Welcome to Classic Packaging

    We specialize in the design and manufacturing of different types of packaging materials.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Not sure what designs you want on your packaging material? Not to worry; we will help you craft the right message.

  • Quality Raw Materials

    We only source the best raw materials that fit your packaging needs, including packaging for the food industry.

Welcome to Classic Packaging

Classic Packaging delivers unique flexible plastic packaging. Its specialization in customized product solutions allows it to serve the widest range of markets: food industry, pharmaceuticals, textile and garment, mineral water and soft drinks, and custom solutions.

We are committed to making packaging work – for our customers, the consumers and for the benefit of society at large. We have a strong focus on collaborating with our customers elevating their brands and doing better for their business.

We work together every day to make sure your packaging exceeds your expectations. We are a team and a family that believes in excellence.


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Our Products / ምርቶቻችን

The following are our primary products

Poly Bags / ማሸጊያ ከረጢቶች

Poly bags for packaging foods and other materials.

Tubular Rolls / ባለኪስ ጥቅሎች

Tubular rolls for various applications.

Plastic Rolls

Plastic rolls for various applications.

Water Retention / ለውሃ ማቆሪያ

Water retention poly sheets for retaining water.

Greenhouse Covers / ለአበባ እርሻ ሽፋኖች

Special poly covers for farms.

Design Services / የንድፍ ሥራዎች

Design works to put on your bags.

Testimonials from Happy Clients

Selected testimonials from our recent clients.

What distinguishes Classic Packaging from others is that they understand our business depends on their performance. The staff always make sure to deliver our orders on time and is available to answer our questions.

Mr. GuesheProcurement and Supply Manager

Shewit Salt Supplies, PLC

As a packaged food seller, we at Selam Baltena have stringent quality requirements. Classic Packaging meets the highest of food-grade quality standards as defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Mr. Solomon GeletaManaging Director

Selam Baltena, PLC

We developed a great partnership with Classic Packaging because of their dedication to quality and delivering on commitments. We appreciate their hard work in completing our orders on time and with a personal touch.

W/o Fatuma SeidManaging Director

Kunis Berri General Trading